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The terms and conditions written here apply to your access to the best sleeping pill Uk website and we wholeheartedly welcome you to make the most of the listed medicines and enjoy an amazing online experience. Please read the terms and conditions before ordering any medicine from our Website. If you access the Website or book an order for any medicine, it is your responsibility and you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree in any way with the terms and conditions, it is advised to not use our Website.

Security and privacy

Your privacy is important to us and the following information can help us as to what measures we have to take to protect it. Best sleeping pill Uk does not have access to your financial information and all payments are securely transferred to our card processing agents, which as per our instruction is securely processed further. Best sleeping pill Uk uses security technology, including firewalls and Secure Socket Layers for the protection of the information shared by you and submitted through this website. Before proceeding with the order, understand that Electronic transmissions are never private or secure therefore we recommend customers ensure that any device (tablet, computer, or smartphone) used to access their online record is protected from potential interception.

When you visit our site, Best sleeping pill Uk may gather important personal information required to set up your account, for delivery of your medicine, for billing, and queries. We only keep your information which is important and essentially needed to process your order, respond to any complaints, process any refunds or provide you with promotional information to enhance your knowledge about the domain. We only use the information to provide users or customers with other related information about the product. The information is obtained by you to provide better goods and/or services you request. We under no circumstances will not share your private information with any third person or organization other than those associated with delivering these services, namely the courier service and the dispensing pharmacy.


If you are interested to use the services of our company, you either must be 18 or above. If we find that any user has provided the wrong information, then he/she will be permanently restricted to use further services. They are not allowed to order any medicine in the future from the website. Best sleeping pill UK reserve the right to stop customers from buying medicines in the future from our online store on suspicious ground. We only allow genuine customers and discourage any activity falling into the category of infringement.

Your use of the site

Users can use this site only for personal and non-commercial use. You are allowed to download and print information on the Site for your personal and non-commercial use only. Inappropriate use of materials on the Site, including modification, republication, or distribution without our prior written permission is prohibited. You agree not to use this Site for any purpose unless authorized by us for the same. Before going with orders or accessing the site, you agree to the term that you will not break any rules and regulations applicable here on this site. You agree that you will not use the site to submit, knowingly or unknowingly, receive any information or material that

  • Is in breach of third party’s intellectual property rights
  • Is threatening, obscene, offensive, abusive, defamatory, in breach of confidence, likely to deceive, embarrassing to any person, inaccurate, hateful, blasphemous, misleading, racially, ethnically, pornographic, or otherwise objectionable;
  • Could be technically harmful
  • Contains any malicious program which may harm our computer systems or any third party computer system.
  • Constitute conduct that can be defined as a criminal offense or otherwise contrary to any code of practice or infringe the rights of any third-party
  • May be deemed to be promotional materials or maybe in the form of “spam” email;

Our monitoring of the site

You agree and acknowledge that we have the right to monitor the activity done by you in the form of generating content on the site but in our sole discretion, we reserve the right to delete such content and we may without any prior notice remove such material from the site at any time. In addition, you are accountable to bear the legal risk imposed on you in relation to taking undue advantage of such content that you may post.

In the event that we find you breach the terms of this agreement, we have the right to terminate any account that you have while using our Site and you will not be able to open another account on it or otherwise continue the use of the site. We will approach law enforcement or regulatory authorities in order to disclose the identity of any person or any information in relation to anyone who has allegedly breached the agreement. If the need arises, we may also present the evidence before the police or may also take another appropriate lawful action against the party. You agree and acknowledge that submitting false content to the Site is against the rules and regulations of best sleeping pill UK. Once you have submitted the content to the Site, you cannot edit or remove it. However, if you ever want to make a complaint about specific user-generated content on this Site, please see the contact us page and proceed with further steps.

Contact us

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